PR Management During CrisisPublic Relations / PR Management During Crisis

  Start : April 11-2020
  End : April 15-2020
  Trainer : Eng.Saad Hamad
  Course Fee : 1100.00$
  No. Of Places : 6 Of 12
  Location : Apt #7 ,Floor 11, Tower 4, Empire Business Towers, Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.

PR Management During Crisis
One of the functions of public relations is to prevent and overcome crises in the event of a crisis. In times of crisis, institutions become subject to media scrutiny, and the media and the public together put them on the autopsy table to examine them thoroughly.

who should attend?


Office managers and directors of public administrations.

Workers in public relations offices in ministries and public and private institutions.

Workers in press offices in ministries and public and private institutions.

Those wishing to develop their skills in crisis management.



Expand and deepen knowledge of public relations functions and tasks in crisis situations

Learn about the key steps to managing a PR in a crisis.

Training and learning about the ten steps of public relations planning in crises.

Knowing the importance of communication during the crisis and the strategy of external and internal communication in the circumstances of the crisis.

Development of the crisis assessment study

Identify the role of the Internet and PR management of the crisis.

Being able to know the basic rules to face the crisis?

Identify the success factors of communications in crisis situations.

Conducting applications and training to face a virtual crisis (practical applications)



Crisis public relations management.

Sources of crisis?

Communication during the crisis.

Strategy of external communication in crisis conditions

Internal communication strategy in crisis conditions

Development of the crisis assessment study

Internet and PR management of the crisis.

How to prepare for the crisis?

Basic principles in crisis management.

Practical Guide to Confronting the Crisis.

Virtual Crisis Training (Practical Applications)

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