Communication skills in public relationsPublic Relations / Communication skills in public relations

  Start : April 22-2020
  End : April 26-2020
  Trainer : Eng.Saad Hamad
  Course Fee : 800.00$
  No. Of Places : 7 Of 12
  Location : Apt #7 ,Floor 11, Tower 4, Empire Business Towers, Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq.

Communication skills in public relations
Raising the communication efficiency of public relations workers by providing them with theoretical foundations and practical training, so that they can accomplish the tasks and tasks assigned to them.

who should attend?


Workers in public relations offices in ministries and public and private institutions.

Workers in press offices in ministries and public and private institutions.

Workers in private offices and the secretariat.

Directors of public administration offices.

New employees in the diplomatic field, public relations and ceremonies.

Wishing to develop their personal skills in this area.



1. Expand and deepen knowledge of the elements involved in communication functions and tasks in the field of public relations.

2. Training on editing various types of press, especially writing news and press reports, preparing investigations and conducting interviews

3. Training on ways to communicate with the internal public (employees of the agency, company or institution).

4. Training on ways to communicate with external audiences that deal with the institution.

5. Training on ways to deal with the media.

6. Training on the preparation and editing of various publications required by the company or device or institution.

7. Management and organization of media events (visits and press conferences)

8. Planning, managing and implementing public relations campaigns.

9. The role of public relations in the face of crises.



Writing leaflets, preparing pamphlets and editing posters and advertisements.

Preparation of pamphlets, brochures and publications.

Preparation of notes and periodic official reports and others.

Protocol and protocol, especially with regard to receiving and accompanying delegations and organizing meetings.

Organize and manage seminars, meetings and meetings.

Holding and organizing press conferences.

Organizing and managing special exhibitions.

Write words, speeches and interventions.

Carry out the work of the spokesperson of the agency or administration.

Respond to what is published in the media.

Organize and manage media events.

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